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3rd operation of the week

If you have read my previous posts you will know I had already had 2 operations that week but my surgeon still wasn’t happy.

To be honest I remember very little about the day of my 3rd operation, it was only a minor one, they just opened my neck up a little and cleaned out some gunk, I was back on the ward and wide awake by mid afternoon.

The next couple of days were fine, the trachy was still the most annoying thing and the bee sting injections in the evening.

I was still staying on my bed most the time but at least was out of it now and just either sat on it or on my bedside chair, I also decided to start reading my Harlan Coben book Caught.

Prior to going in to hospital I had read about 20 of the Harlan Coben books, for those who don’t know his books, they are a crime, mystery, whodunit genre, sometimes a bit nasty and with a twist at the end.

Previously I had loved them but when in hospital I just couldn’t concentrate and just found myself reading the same page over and over again, I mentioned this to my mum at the next visiting evening and said I wanted some easier reading, when she asked what I wanted I said my old famous five books.

I was feeling a lot better now and even more so when Mr Walton came round and told me I could have my trachy out that day πŸ™‚

The taking it out wasn’t particularly nice but the having it out was great

They also said I could try to start eating again which I was really looking forward to

The 1st thing I tried to eat was ice cream, it was then that I really noticed for the 1st time the horrible elastics I had fitted to my teeth to hold my jaw in place.

Although I had been in hospital over a week now, I still hadn’t looked in the mirror and although I knew I couldn’t open my mouth much I had never really noticed the elastics until then.

Once I had noticed them though I really noticed them πŸ™

Trying to eat with the elastics was the worst thing as I couldn’t get the spoon in my mouth

The next time I saw Mr Walton I asked how long they would be on for and he told me at least another week or two

Story continues here (soon 10/06/2019) – It’s not me you want to thank

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