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Back in Hospital

I’d had a couple of days at home (at my parents) but then after a mass bleed, here I was back in hospital.

Although I was awake when I was in the ambulance I can’t remember much about getting to hospital or what happened for the 1st few hours.

I think I spent the 1st night in ward 12 which was a bit grim compared to what I referred to as *My Ward* (ward 32), it was noisier and the nurses didn’t appear as compassionate as my ward 32 nurses I hoped I wasn’t going to be stopping there long and fortunately didn’t.

The next day I was moved back upstairs and although not back in my room was in another room on 32 and again by the window 🙂

The nurses who knew me now came to see me to ask what had happened, why I was such a mess and why I was back in.

It was then that I noticed I still hadn’t been cleaned up properly and my hair was matted in dried blood, face still had blood on it, dressing on my leg was coated in blood, etc.

I had a good shower then when I got back to my bed and the old routine started again of waiting for meds, waiting for vitals checks, waiting for blood tests, waiting for dinner, waiting for more jabs, waiting to see nutritionist, waiting to see doctors, etc.

I loved it and felt happy to be back in my ward :=)

My mum came to see me in the evening, bringing with her all my stuff including some more Famous Five books, a portable radio and my mobile phone (something I couldn’t live without in hospital, even though I never used it as a phone).

The next day my consultant came to see me to find out why I was back in. I told him about the bleeding I don’t think he knew much about it at the time and he said they would keep me in for a day or two to keep an eye on me.

I asked him the next day what the bleeding was but he didn’t really know and it was nothing serious, but they would just keep an eye on me.

I thought I was only going to be in for 3 or 4 days but they were concerned about my blood tests, I was down to under 12 stone now (previously 16+) and was feeling quite week.

By the 4th or 5th day my temperature was right up again, I was feverish and back on anti-biotics

My blood tests were virtually every day now and they weren’t happy with the results.

Story continues here – Drips, overnight feeds and blood transfusions

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