Early 2020

(To read my cancer story from the beginning start here – April / May 2018 – You Have Cancer)

I’d made it through another Christmas πŸ™‚

I was nearly 13 stone again the week after Christmas but within the 1st couple of weeks of 2020 was back down to under 12 1/2 not far of what I consider my perfect weight

I had a visit to my oncologist in Mid January and everything was fine.

My legs were still wobbly and my balance was still off, but no one seemed concerned that it was related to my cancer or cancer treatment, my lymphoedema was about the same, not painful or anything but just always there and a bit annoying. I found that wearing my compression garment at night would as good as clear my neck, but not the bit between my chin and bottom lip

Early February and I started getting more and more concerned about the coronavirus, someone I knew on a business forum I moderate on lives and works in China and was giving us daily updates on what was happening and what was on the way to the UK.

I wasn’t that concerned about the cancer as my treatment had finished over 12 months ago but was more concerned about the lymphoedema as I knew that could have an effect on your immunity system.

I started stocktaking a bit quite early as I knew what was on the way

Early March I had an appointment with my consultant and also saw my speech & language and Nutritionists teams who both signed me off
Fortunately my next appointment was made for July as 2 weeks later we were in Lockdown.

Fortunately I had accounts at Tesco and Sainsbury’s for home delivery, not so fortunately, getting a delivery slot turned out being impossible for the 1st 2 weeks until Luckily I received an email from both saying I was on their vulnerable list. and could start having a weekly shop.

I had also contacted a local dairy and was having milk delivered on Monday and Friday and bread delivered on Friday.

The lockdown was fine, I work from home anyway and we very rarely go out, in effect everyone was sharing our world for a while πŸ™‚

Story continues here – 2 years on fromhearing I had cancer

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  1. So glad you pulled through all of this. And find it amazing that the more I read of other people’s experience, is how different we all are in terms of impacts from radiation and chemotherapy. I was plagued by scores of ulcers at the same time, many times, which made swallowing hell, yet I hated my Fortisips – but they and the PEG were a godsend!!

  2. Thanks,
    I was really lucky regarding my mouth, had no sores at all but just had either problems producing too muck mouth gunk or my mouth was too dry.

    I couldn’t have done it without my PEG I was a bit different to you though in that I was in hospital for 8 weeks with the 1st 2 being nil by mouth and when you’re in hospital for a while the highlights of the day are squirting fortisips in to yourself πŸ™‚

    I was in and out of hospital for the next 5 months too, and didn’t really start eating until about 8 months after my 1st operation.

    I eventually had my PEG out after 12 months but still had about 8 boxes (of 24) fortisips left. Nutricia would have just dumped them if they had them back so I kept them and started actually drinking them, they were disgusting at 1st until I realised they were much nicer when cold and diluted.

    I got to the stage where I was having 6 a day (2 at a time) and they were as enjoyable as a milk shake πŸ™‚

    I’ve still got a few left now, if ever I’m feeling tired or a bit down I have a mug as a pick me up – trouble is I’ve only got about 10 left now πŸ™

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