Last Couple of Weeks of Radiotherapy

(To read my cancer story from the beginning start here – April / May 2018 – You Have Cancer)

If you’ve read my previous post you will now I’m now into my 5th week of radiotherapy, have just been discharged from hospital after having more sickness and another infection.

I came back to my mums again with some liquid form anti-biotics which I had to take via my PEG, no idea what type it was but every time I took some I was really sick so after a couple of days decided to stop taking it – even though I was taking it through my PEG and not having to swallow it it really was the most vile stuff like devils water.

At the same time as this I noticed the hole in my neck was weeping slightly again, nothing too serious and not much at all, but just enough to be annoying, also the smell wasn’t that pleasant either.

I continued with my radiotherapy sessions but because of my weight loss, my swelling going down and my mask being looser it meant for the last couple of weeks the machine had to be reset every time, which resulted in me being strapped to the bed twice as long 🙁

Fortunately I was well used to my mask by now, had conquered my claustrophobic feelings and almost at the point where it was enjoyable to just relax and listen to the music until one session where I’d just finished counting to the clunk just about to start counting to the machine stopping when the music track finished and silence – the CD had ended.

Horrible feeling when the routine changes and your comforting music has stopped, even worse – for some stupid reason I opened my eyes.

The next session I made sure my radiotherapists checked that the CD wasn’t near the end.

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