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Pre Op Arrangements

If you have read my previous posts you will know I was waiting for a major operation due to jaw cancer.

I had been told what to expect, had had numerous X Rays and scans, had my teeth checked in preparation for radiotherapy, had a feeding peg fitted and my operation was due early next week- Tuesday July 10th 2018.,

This gave be a few days to sort a few things out

The 1st thing I did was move some money in to my daughters bank account so that she could do Online shopping whilst I was away (and if I never came back)

The next thing was make a note of the login details of all my important places; bank, insurance, pensions, life assurance, building societies, etc. and print it out so my daughter had access to everything.

I saw my accountant, who already knew the situation, we put my daughter on the payroll of one of my businesses as she would be taking over from me whilst I was away.

We also set up a new business (something we had been planning long before I knew about the cancer) which would take over the marketing side of things.

I edited my Wheelchair Ramps website and removed the telephone number from all pages as I didn’t want my family being harassed by people wanting information about ramps whist I was away.

I created a completely automated section on my Business Directory site which held all new free listings in the approval database but automatically approved and upgraded any upgraded listings.

By doing this the ramps site was effectively mothballed for a few months and the directory site was set up so that it could still earn money without me having to do anything.

The next thing I had to do was think about worst case scenario, I didn’t have time to see a solicitor to write a proper will so downloaded a template Online, filled it in and went round to my neighbours to 1st tell them about my cancer and operation and secondly to witness my Will.

With my finances sorted, my businesses sorted, my family having access to plenty of money, my will sorted I then sat and wrote 2 or 3 letters to my family that I hoped they would never have to read.

I made copies of everything and took one folder round to my father in law with instructions, only to be opened if the worst happens.

Getting Myself Ready for My Operation and Hospital Stay

With everything else sorted now it was time to get myself ready, my mum had already bought me some new pyjamas, t shirts, socks, wash kit and some other bits and pieces.

Elisabeth had bought me a nice new bag, a journal called 99 Things That Bring Me Joy that I was going to write in everyday, some family photos and a few other nice knick-knacks.

I went out and bought a reconditioned laptop, got pens and paper, some quiz books, and a selection of books to read when in there.

The previous year I had watched the Harlan Coben thriller The Five on TV and had read the book Home, which inspired me to buy all the Harlan Coben books on ebay, I had already read all the Myron Bolitar books in order and was now 3 quarters through his stand alone books and about to start Caught, so that along with the next 3 or 4 in order were the ones I packed to take in with me (big mistake but more about that later).

It may sound a bit strange but I was actually quite excited about going in to hospital and was looking at it as being a bit of a holiday 🙂

Story continues here – My 1st Night in Hospital

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