Radiotherapy – What’s all the fuss about – I soon found out

(To read my cancer story from the beginning start here – April / May 2018 – You Have Cancer)

It was day 5 of my radiotherapy treatment, I’d had one session of Chemotherapy and up until yesterday wondered what all the fuss was about – that was soon to change.

I wasn’t feeling to good on the Thursday, had eaten very little and went to bed early.

I woke up on Friday still feeling groggy and couldn’t face breakfast
We set off to UHCW mid morning, got there about 12:00 and the car parks were pretty full with the parking attendants sending us on an alternative route, got to the entrance where they were only letting one car in as one went out, eventually let in then struggled to find a parking space.

Got to the radiotherapy treatment centre with 10 minutes to spare (we always allowed a good 45 minutes as the parking at UHCW was pretty notorious), only to find everything was running late and there was an hours delay on my machine 🙁

I was feeling even worse by now, my mouth and neck were OK but I had an awful sick feeling but was not being sick

I eventually received my treatment, a longer session than usual as machine had to be reset and eventually got back to my parents about 4 and went straight to bed with a sick bowl

Again, I wasn’t actually sick but just felt it.

The next morning my mum asked if I was sure I wanted to go home for the weekend and was worried I wasn’t well enough but I insisted I wanted to

I felt a bit better on the Saturday but still wasn’t eating and stupidly wasn’t increasing my intakes of fortisips.

By Sunday I was feeling weaker again, headed to the kitchen mid afternoon to have a fortisip and next thing I remember was being flat out on the floor 🙁

My wife had called for an ambulance, had called my mother and also gone round to my neighbours for help.

I was still lying there absolutely soaking in sweat but shivering at the same time, I tried to sit up but just lay back down and then noticed that my right leg (not the one they had removed the bone from) was really hurting.

The paramedics arrived, sat me up, asked loads of questions then gave my leg a check over.

They didn’t think it was broken, thought about taking me to hospital, but as I was going the next day anyway decided not to.

I ended up dosing up on paracetamols, having some extra forisips and going to bed.

The next morning my mother picked me up again and I hobbled to the car with my good leg now worse than my bad leg 🙁

At UHCW I had my regular weigh in and was down to just over 11 stone, looking back at it now I’m convinced the lack of eating and upping of fortisips was as much too blame for me collapsing as the treatment and from then on upped my fortisips to 6 or 7 a day and made sure I had them.

My cancer story continues here – The Radiotherpy Weeks

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