Still Wobbling On

So here we are, approaching the 3rd Christmas since my Cancer operation and treatment

The COVID crisis had resulted in me only seeing my consultant twice this year and at the last visit in mid November I mentioned my balance and wobbling problems again which I assumed was just due to fatigue and my radiotherapy treatment.

He doubted it was anything to do with the treatment but also said I was doing really well and although he didn’t think it was anything to worry about he made an appointment for me to have a CT scan in the mobile unit at The Hospital of St. Cross in Rugby

He also booked me in for my routine appointment with my oncologist in February.

My CT scan appointment came through quite quickly so off I went to Rugby for my scan

It was really well organised, we had designated parking right by the unit and just stayed in the car until a nurse came to fetch us.

The scan was a doddle and I was on my way back home within 20 minutes.

Waiting for CT Scan results

My Consultant had already told me he didn’t think it was anything to worry about, but it still wasn’t much fun waiting for the results and I also wasn’t sure if I would get them, my consultant would get them or my GP would get them.

With this in mind I made an appointment for a phone consultation with my GP and in the form told her I didn’t know who got the scan results.

Typically, the day after I had written this and made my appointment, my results turned up in the post “Pleased to say everything looked normal” I told my wife I’ve got a letter that says I’m normal πŸ™‚

A couple of days later I had my phone appointment, told the doctor all my symptoms and said I was worried about MS or Parkinsonism, she didn’t sound that concerned but told me to phone the surgery in the morning to arrange a blood test and that she would then contact me in the New Year for a proper appointment where they may do some neurological tests.

Apart from the Wobbling everything else is fine – Almost!

My swelling is right down, still have a droopy lip if I relax too much, still can’t open my mouth up much but it hasn’t stopped me eating, which leads on to why I said All is fine – Almost!

What with the covid, me eating so much better and the near addiction to having mayonnaise with everything my weight has crept up to 13 stone again and after Christmas I have to start a diet πŸ™ Something I didn’t think I would be saying when I was at my lowest 10 stone 2

I’m not that concerned about it, I was just over 13 stone after last Christmas, it just means I can’t really have a pig pig out this Christmas like I was looking forward too

Me at just under 13 stone in December 2020
Terry Simmonds Stratford-upon-Avon December 2020

More to follow after having my Doctors appointment in January and Oncologist appointment in February (hopefully I’ll be back to well under 13 stone by then

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