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Telling Your Family You Have Cancer

If you have read my previous posts you will know I stated off with a mild toothache and after being seen by my dentist, Coventry hospital, Warwick hospital and then back to Coventry it was confirmed I had cancer of the jaw and need an urgent operation.

The thing is I had been telling my family the problem was just an impacted wisdom tooth but now was the time I had to tell them I had cancer

I had already told my mother and father in law but now it was time to tell my daughter and wife.

Telling my Daughter I had Cancer

I had arranged with my father in law that I would take my daughter round to his house so I could tell her 1st rather than telling my wife and daughter together.

He left us alone, I stood my daughter up and told her I had some bad news, we hugged as I told her I was having to go in to hospital shortly for an operation on my jaw as I had cancer.

She broke down in tears as I told her I would hopefully be OK but it was going to be a long course of treatment

We hugged more and she asked, Does mummy know?
She didn’t as I knew my daughter was stronger than my wife and would support her when I told her mother, she then asked, When are you going to tell her?

Now, was my reply, we hugged again, finished the tea that grandad had bought in then got in the car to go home and tell my wife I had cancer.

Telling my Wife I had Cancer

We found my wife in the kitchen and I said I have something to tell you, she looked at me, looked at my daughter and immediately knew, just over 12 months previously her mother had died of pancreatic cancer and she still wasn’t over it.

The 3 of us hugged and I said it’s not as bad as pancreatic cancer and the fact it was operable was a good sign, I told her what I knew, told her I was going in to hospital later that week to have a tube fitted and would be having an operation within a week after that,

My son was in the other room, I thought he was too young to know too much so we didn’t really say anything to him

Story continues here – Having a Feeding Tube Fitted

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