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The Infections and that Damned Heat

If you have read my previous posts you will know it’s my third day in hospital after my operation for jaw cancer.

I was already in the hospital routine, wide awake at 6 in the morning waiting for vitals checks, waiting for the final dregs of feed to go through my tubes and waiting for the morning head and neck team visit when I noticed how warm it already was.

Our air conditioner had been taken to another ward and as I was furthest from the window knew I had a warm day ahead of me.

I had basically the same as the day before; physio, speech & language, nutritionist, the dreaded trachy cleaning, etc.

With all that out the way I decided to arrange my area more to my liking, put my clothes in to the bedside cabinet and my cards, letters etc on the top.

I also got my mobile phone out for the 1st time since being in there and found I had a reasonably good WiFi connection to the hospitals WiFi service (a real godsend)

By the afternoon it was sweltering but I wasn’t just warm because of the weather my temperature was sky high, I was feeling really groggy, I felt freezing cold my teeth were chattering, I had the shivers but I was actually burning up.

A nurse bought be one of those big Dyson cooling fans (another godsend) which I kept next to by bed that night.

I had my fan positioned so I could reach it just by leaning over slightly and had a pretty restless night again.

The next morning I had a couple of drainage bottles removed which meant I was more mobile but was still feeling lousy, Mr Walton and his team came to see me again and I could tell he was a bit concerned, my neck and face were still really swollen and very hot, they put me on a course of antibiotics and said they would keep an eye on me.

It was equally as warm that day and despite being on the antibiotics and paracetamol I was still burning up and feeling lousy which I didn’t really like as I knew my mum and Elizabeth were visiting that evening and I didn’t want them worrying

It was nice to see them but I wasn’t really up to it and was virtually half asleep all the time they were there.

I was no better the next day, the heatwave had risen another notch and my fan had gone walkabouts, I spent all day just on my bed not wanting to move or do anything.

Mr Walton saw me again, was worried I had an infection and said they would open me up again to see what was going on and clear it up.

I wasn’t worried at all in fact I think I was at the stage I didn’t care what they would do to me and I was just sick of the damned heat

Story continues here – 3rd operation of the week

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