The Last Months of 2019

(To read my cancer story from the beginning start here – April / May 2018 – You Have Cancer)

September 2019 was again uneventful
I’d had my last lymphatic massage treatment and was signed off, wasn’t having to visit my oncologists for 2 months, weight was up to 11 stone now (still too light really) and everything was good.

My only real problems were the annoying swelling of my bottom lip/cheek/chin, the occasional hotness around my neck but worse was the weakness in my legs.

Nothing to do with the operation to remove the bone from my leg as it was both legs.

Can’t really explain it, but it was like I couldn’t pick my feet up, it felt like I was shuffling and I also felt uneasy on my legs and my balance didn’t feel right

I mentioned it to my oncologist and consultant at my November appointment but they didn’t seem concerned, said it was nothing to do with the cancer and might just be a bit of fatigue or related to my weight loss.

As we went in to October I also got a reminder of how much I hate the cold and what effect it has on me now

I went out for a meal in Shipston with the lads I used to work with, it was great, 1st time I had seen some of them for a long time, but after a couple of hours I was knackered, I’d left the car in the car park and the walk back to it in the cold November night was a real reminder of what I had been though, I eventually got home, went straight to bed and it took me a couple of days to recover.

It was basically like the fatigue I had in the 1st few weeks of chemo had come back and a real reminder of what effect the cold could have on me, especially as I was still underweight and a bit scrawny, as my wife nicely put it πŸ™‚

November I decided to up my food intake a bit, I was still on my Fortisips but started having breakfasts again and my portion sizes were nearly back to normal by the end of November I had put over a stone on was up to just over 12 stone but feeling a lot better for it

The cold December month meant I didn’t go out a lot but we were all looking forward to another Christmas and for the 1st Christmas that I can remember we had my mum round for Christmas lunch.

Christmas week was great, lots of nice goodies that I missed out on the year before but by the end of the month I was up to just under 13 stone πŸ™

Story continues here – early 2020

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