3 Years After Being Told I had Jaw Cancer

It’s about 3 years now since being told I had jaw cancer

My dentist initially suspected it in late April 2018, about 4 weeks later it was confirmed and weeks later I was on the operating table having half my bottom jaw removed and rebuilt using a bone from my leg – you can read the start of my story here – April / May 2018 – You Have Cancer

It’s been nearly 5 months since I last posted and not a lot has happened in that time

Since having my CT scan in December which revealed no problems I had a telephone consultation with my GP about my wobbliness, was supposed to go for blood tests in January but never bothered due to going in to Covid Lockdown again.

My wobbliness is a lot better, I mentioned it to my oncologist in February and she prescribed some treatment – Walk More. I asked if she could give me a prescription for it? and she said yeah, walk to the chemist and get it 🙂

She said it’s probably just a bit of fatigue and exercise is the best thing I can do.

I told her I would and unless it is cold or wet have been pretty good (I still hate the cold though so tend to shirk away from going out if it looks cold out there)

I had both my Covid vaccines by late April and on 13th May nearly 3 years to the day since 1st seeing my consultant had a check up with him at UHCW

Everything was fine and he says he’s very happy with everything, I see my Oncologist in September but don’t have to see my consultant again until Feb 2022 🙂

The 3rd lockdown and the winter months lead to me putting more weight on and was up to 13 stone 4 at the end of February, I’ve since lost 3 or 4 pound and are currently hovering around the 13 stone mark, still about 1/2 stone too heavy really but I feel comfortable

3 years after jaw cancer operation

My lip is still a bit puffy but after looking at a couple of photos today it’s the opposite side of my face that looks worse than the side I had the treatment on, I do need a shave, which makes it look worse but my good side is looking a bit chubby again which makes me think I really should try to lose that 1/2 stone.

Everything else is fine, neck still gets tight which sometimes effects eating a little, still wake up with a bit of a dry mouth and still have a bit of discomfort with lymphoedema between chin and lip but can’t really complain 🙂

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  1. Hi Terry. Just caught up with this. You’re looking brill. I steer lots of people to your blog. There’s a newbie ( well his mum, I think) on Macmillan who is going to get a nudge here. Thanks for all the hard work

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